Project: Download Link
Master Sword 81% Complete

Added the pallets for dungeons 2-9, game can now switch colors of artwork accordingly

Added moveable blocks, hidden stairs, and floor switches to dungeons. Added these blocks to editor as well

Fixed Bugs:
waterfall despawns when area is cleared
does not save levels correctly when bombing wall

Added items to pick up
Added rest of offhand weapons

Fixed Bugs:
cleared rooms will not spawn non hardcount sprites
on stair transition, sometimes link flashes black
block spawns above tree? 

add bombable rocks and burnable trees
add hidden key and skeleton with key

Things to do:
build full world
finish UI
bug test, streamline engine.
add clock and add code for score server
add title menu
comment out and move to .bi files

Known bugs:
red desert things spawn on top of eachother